Hippo Best Of 2015.

Once again I got hired to photograph content for the Hippo’s Best Of issue for 2015.

This time, I played my nepotism card:

This is Roscoe and Bruno Ceaser (my parents dogs).  They got some loving and featured in a few pages of the new Best Of.  Look at Roscoe rocking a bow tie.  Such a fashionable little guy!

It also once again shows me what a great little camera the Fujifilm X100 is.  I spent a solid week going all over Merrimack, Nashua, Hudson, Concord, Amherst, and other parts of Southern NH photographing various businesses for the issue.  I brought a gear bag with me that had my DSLR and just for the heck of it, I tossed the X100 in the bag as well.

To my surprise, I used that little camera more and more as the week went on.  In the end, I think the best images I took that week were taken with the X100.


I’m not switching over from my DSLR’s, but gosh darn if this little camera doesn’t make assignment photography fun.

If you are local to the Manchester/Nashua NH area, pick up a glossy Best Of 2015 wherever the weekly Hippo is found.

Congratulations to all of the winners for 2015.

I can’t wait to see who wins next year!

Keepin’ it fresh.

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A fridge full of Polaroid film is just so tasty!  And fresh!



Chloe • Headshots

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Chloe Head Shots

Chole is the daughter of a friend.  She’s into theater and as she graduated high school, wanted some fresh, updated head shots that she could hit the ground running with.

Look at her.  She’s adorable.  Adorable!

Chloe Head Shots

Chloe Head Shots


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What better way to customize a camera bag than by throwing up colorful NERDness all over it.

Celebrate your geek, however you want.


I used to be scared to incorporate Muppet Sid into stuff – because I didn’t want people to think I was trying to “cash in” on what attention the Muppet Proposal got.  And because it’s the internet, I got some mean emails and comments anytime I’d photograph him or try to do something fun with him.

Enough time has gone by (egads, almost 5 years ago!  Where did the time go??) that I’ve been bringing Muppet Sid out more and more for stuff.  Because he’s a Muppet version of me.  Because he’s simply too awesome not to do fun things with.   And, because, screw you, internet haters.

A few people have joked that Muppet Sid and I are becoming one and the same.  With him speaking my words in my “Inspiration” post at DEDPXL, they could very well be correct.

So I made this one day at the studio while doing some test lighting for a head shot that was coming in.  I think it’s fun.  It’s me.  It’s also a Muppet-me.  It’s all me.

Suck it, Internet haters.  He’s awesome.  I’m awesome.  I’m tired of people trying to make me feel ashamed of that.