Old Concert Tickets


While going through some cd’s a while back, I stumbled across some of my old concert tickets, including the first two “real” shows I ever attended: Peter Gabriel at the Worcester Centrum in 1993, and Yanni a month later at Great Woods in MA.

Yeah.   Yanni.  It was a graduation present from my buddy Todd’s parents.  Don’t judge me.

Also pictured: Toad the Wet Sprocket from 1994 in Strawberry Banke in Virginia (I lived a few years down south after graduating high school), and Tori Amos from 1996 at the Wang Center.  The bottom ticket was for Toad for a special pre-release concert for “Coil” at the Avalon Ballroom in Boston.  Working for Newbury Comics back then had it’s privileges.

I love Toad.  The two acts I’ve seen live more than any other are Tori Amos and Toad the Wet Sprocket.  Dozens for both.  If you include seeing Toad’s frontman Glen Phillips solo, then Toad/Glen beats out Tori.

I used to have a ticket stub for the Spice Girls as well, but it was lost.  Yeah.  Spice Girls.  I worked at Newbury Comics when Spice World was released and got some complimentary tickets.  It was right after Ginger Spice left the band, which sucked, ‘cuz Ginger was my favorite.  It was a really weird concert.

I used to save concert and movie ticket stubs in a big container, but it got wrecked and most of them were lost during a move about a decade ago.  Good memories though.  Except Spice Girls.  That was some weird shit.

What ticket stubs do YOU still have?  Share!


Hippo Best Of 2016 • Portraits

Hippo Best Of 2016

I’ve been working with The Hippo for years now.  It makes me happy when each year they reach out to me to photograph for their glossy “Best Of” magazine.   Hippo’s Best Of asks readers each year to tell them all of their favorite places and businesses in Southern New Hampshire.  In the past, when the magazine focused more on personalities, I was proud to have my name mentioned five years in a row.  The last few years however, the magazine has restructured it’s format and is now more of a “travel guide” to help visitors locate new places that they might not have heard of before.

For 2016, I wanted to make sure I took portraits of the people who ran the venues I was assigned to photograph, and I wanted to share some of those people in this post.

Stephanie • True Brew Barista

Stephanie • Owner: Tru Brew Barista, Concord NH

More portraits after the cut: CONTINUE READING…

X100 Totem

Trio of X100's

I’ve been helping my friends purchase X100 cameras.  They liked mine so much, we began a quest of finding used ones so they could all share in the fun that is the X100.

Here is a totem of three of them taken during Memorial Day weekend while camping.  There is nothing like helping your friends spend their money, especially when you are helping them spend it on cameras 🙂

The motley crew with their X100’s.

Flashback: Sara, Blimps & Pinhole Photography

While going through some really old cd’s of images, I came across some shots of Sara photographing a blimp outside of a blimp factory in Elizabeth City, North Carolina.  I think this must have been around 2005-ish.  We were visiting my parents, who lived down there for a few years.

Here is her image of the blimp that she was taking at this exact moment:

This albumen print taken with a pinhole camera, hangs at her parents house.  I love watching Sara photograph.

That blimp factory was dismantled years later.  It used to be right down the road from where my folks lived.  It was really impressive.  I’m sad that it’s gone.

Strength and Power

Headshots • Client Stories

There is a lot of photography that I don’t get to share sometimes that is done for larger companies and corporations.  That is just the nature of the beast.

But I did want to share this image, which I shot back in March of 2016.  It was for a very large company who had  hired me to photograph some of their clients on white, to match up with some video work another company down the hall from me was producing on the same day with the same clients.  These were portraits of survivors of trauma or sickness in one form or another.

When this gorgeous woman stood in front of my camera, she kinda took my breath away; she was really tall, towering over me, and she had this incredible jawline (I have a thing for jawlines – I have a weak chin which is why I have a beard: to cover it up), and as I had her stand straight and look directly at me, there was great strength and power coming from her.  You could feel it.  It was remarkable.

She nailed this in like two shots.  Some people are natural in front of cameras.  Look at that jawline.  Look how the light from the background traces the outline of her jaw.  Crazy powerful.  Crazy strength.  I love this portrait in black & white.  Being exposed to people like this, for however long or shot, is partly why I love photography.