The Flea Market Dance

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I honestly can’t remember a time in my life when I didn’t get up early on a Sunday morning and go flea marketing.  Some people go to Church.  Some people sleep in.  Some get the paper and plop down with a cup of coffee and read the news.  Some go for a jog. For me, it’s always been walking up and down dusty paths and looking over other people’s things that they are selling.  Rows and rows and boxes and boxes.  Thousands of strangers. Haggling on prices.  People watching.  Fried dough and hot dogs and snow cones. Toys and records and music and comic books and movies and … everything. I got my first 8-bit Nintendo Entertainment System (along with Castlevania) at the Derry Flea Market. I got my friends into buying speakers and speaker boxes and amplifiers for our cars at the Salem Flea Market. I am a product of swap meets and flea markets.

I’m going to delve into my history of Flea Markets and give you a few tips if you haven’t been before and how to conduct yourself.  More after the cut:


When the Needle hits the Groove

I’ve recently dug out my old record collection, moved it to the studio, and have been doing something I haven’t done in decades: spin records.  Music moves me in a way I can’t explain. I have it playing all the time. I spent my 20’s working in record stores. I love photographing musicians that need images for things like album/cd covers and packaging.  After the cut, I’m going to do a bunch of talking about my history with them, their importance to me, and why I won’t ignore my records again.


Two Decades to Decorate a Wall


A few years ago I made a post about my love for Japanese arcade posters for Capcom video games.  Street Fighter and Rival Schools: United By Fate and, most importantly, Marvel Super Heroes vs Street Fighter.  I finally got a few framed and hung in the studio, and I wanted to talk a little about it.

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Podcast 084: Mutual of Omaha Presents


084: Mutual Of Omaha Presents


Podcast Episode 082: Meet Photographer Jane Button!

Dave and I chat with Manchester NH based portrait photographer Jane Button while she visited me at the studio a few weeks ago. It gave us a chance to test out a “field kit” version of Dave’s podcast equipment.  Success!

082: Meet Photographer Jane Button!