Bryan Thomas Trio Live at Sid Ceaser Photography & Open Studios Event, April 26 2014

April 26th 2014 Events


Hey-O!  Two most excellent things coming up on the same day in the same building!

FIRST, we’ve got the Picker Building Spring Open Studios event.  Come visit the artists of the Picker Building; four floors of creatives getting their creative jiggy on!  With Mothers Day right around the corner, maybe one of our fabulous artists has something for YOUR Mommy dearest.  This is from Noon to 5pm, right here at the Picker Building, 99 Factory Street Extension in Nashua.

THEN, grab your folding chair and get your butt to Sid Ceaser Photography on the 4th Floor of the Picker Building as we happily host my buddies the BRYAN THOMAS TRIO! Live jazz by three friends who have been playing for years and years together.  They played a bunch of times at the old Studio 99, and their music is a great shot of energy as they rip into free-form jazz.  Space is limited, so make sure you come early and get ready!  A $5 minimum donation gets you into the studio and ready to have your face melted off with Jazz!  7:30pm.

A great day right here in the creative hub of Nashua.  If you’ve never been to the Picker Building before, this is your perfect opportunity to see all it has to offer.



Nikki • Petzval Lens testing

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Nikki • Petzval Lens test


Some more images taken with the Petzval lens.  I took these shots of Nikki a few days before I wrote up my initial thoughts to Lomography for their interview with me that they published last month.

I gotta admit, I really do love the way these images come out.  The way the background goes out of focus with a circular spiral definitely gives it a sense of motion, and almost gives it a 3-dimensional quality.


Nikki • Petzval Lens test

Lomography Petzval DSLR Lens – Interview and Initial thoughts with Sid Ceaser

Lomography Petzval Interview/First Impressions


I’ve had the Petzval lens from Lomography for a little over a month now, and I’ve been limited to testing it because of all the freaking snow we got this season and the dang-blasted cold.  BUT I did get enough test shooting done that when Lomography emailed me asking if I’d be willing to do a write up with my initial thoughts about the lens, I had a dozen or so test shots to give them along with my thoughts.  You can read that nice long article HERE.

To note – I had wrote a lot about the very loose focus that my test lens had, and they omitted those parts because they’ve informed me that they have corrected the focus issue with the lenses that have gone to retail.  That’s a good thing, as this test lens is a beeyotch to focus.  It’s very loose, and even the slightest movement will rack it out of focus.

I still have BIG plans for how to test this lens out more thoroughly and I will absolutely be integrating it into my client shootings as well as personal.  Honestly, I’m really looking forward to shooting personally with this thing.  Plus, it slows me down considerably because I’ve found the best way (for me) to use it is with a tripod and a viewing hood loupe, pretty much how I used to shoot large format 4×5 with my Toyo camera.  It’s a good feeling to slow down when shooting again.

Read Lomography’s interview HERE

Sensor Gel Stick – amazeballs for cleaning camera sensors

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This little slice of heaven arrived last month – what might be the easiest, thorough and best way to clean your DSLR sensor; the Sensor Gel Stick from the lads over at Photography Life.  This little sucker has a sticky gel pad on the end of it.  You just tap-tap-tap this on your sensor to pick up the dust, and then clean the gel stick pad on some sticky paper that is included.  As I understand it, this is just like how they clean cameras  at camera service factories.  Get it HERE.

Beware his Power!!!

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My buddy Matt Smigiel, who did the gorgeous illustrations for my wedding invitations, whipped this up the other week.  He had just bought himself a new digital brush and was looking for reasons to play with it, so I asked him if I tossed him some $$ if he would do a Green Lantern illustration for me.  ‘Cuz I loves me some Green Lantern, and I love Matt’s style of cartoony illustration.

I didn’t ask for anything else, and this is what he whipped up overnight.  This is why I love Matt; on top of being a most excellent person, handsome as all heck and a darn good illustrator, he has a fantastic sense of humor.  Go visit his website.  And while you are at it, check out some of the awesome illustrations he did for The Official Handbook to the Marvel Universe Reduxe Edition.  So good!!!



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