Obsessed with Squares

POSTED May 25th, 2015 UNDER Design, Promotional

Some new, smaller, square business cards that I’ve been handing out.

Over the years I’ve hopped around with logos and watermarks and design stuff.  But this square is something I finally stand behind 100%.  It is simple, easy and it can be used for all kinds of things; leather stamps, stickers, business cards, envelope stamps, watermarks – all sorts of branding.

It’s taken a while to refine it down to this simple shape and font.  I dig it.


Criterion Designs

POSTED May 18th, 2015 UNDER Album Design, Design, Movies & Films

I’ve been a fan of the Criterion Collection since their days of releasing movies on Laserdisc (remember those?!)

One of the things I love about them is their attention to design for their cases.  Their artwork is beautiful and they really spend quality time creating new art for the movies they release.

Luckily, they released their first book: Criterion Designs.  It’s a GORGEOUS hardcover coffee table-style book chock full of artwork from their releases, including alternate designs and all kinds of great behind-the-scenes stuff.  Even the cover is awesome with a cut-out “C” that shows the page underneath.

If you are into packaging design and love what Criterion does, then you should absolutely get this.  It’s really beautiful.  I hope they make a second volume to showcase some of the stuff that didn’t make it into this collection.

You can pick up the Criterion Designs book on Amazon



POSTED May 12th, 2015 UNDER Design, Gear, Press, Promotional

I’m obsessed with leather stamps.  I picked one up a while back from a company called TuffCase.  I wanted something to stamp my excellently awesome Holdfast MoneyMaker leather camera strap.

Anyway, I just got a nice leather-style cell-phone case, and it was begging to be stamped!

Branding for the win!

The Fujifilm X100

POSTED May 10th, 2015 UNDER Gear, Photography

I’ve been looking for a long time for a “carry-around” camera.  Something that I could have in my bag at all times so that I’d always have something to take a photograph with, but without having to lug my heavy DSLR’s and gear with me around everywhere.

I noticed that when Sara and I would go on vacations, I was bringing bags of stuff.  I’d spend more time messing around with that stuff than enjoying the vacation.

So I wanted something small.  It had to have good resolution, and it had to fit well in my hand.  It had to be robust, so that I could toss it in my bag or around my chest, and I wanted something that had a classic look.  Just a small, simple, digital camera that could be controlled like a DSLR, but wasn’t the size of a DSLR.

The answer was the Fujifilm X100.

If you are a photographer reading this, you probably already know about the X100.  Retro stylings, APS-C sized sensor; all the insides of a DSLR but in a nice tiny body.

Everyone I know seems to have one.  The issue was always cost – these glorified point-and-shoot cameras are pricey little suckers, so I figured I’d just wait for a while for newer versions to come out so I could pick up an older used body.

And that is exactly what I did.  I picked up an original X100 (as of this writing they are on their 3rd version – the X100T) for a decent cost and it was in mint shape.  When I busted open the box it was all metal and shiny and impressive, yet small and inviting.  It was the perfect size.  I was in love.  Well, mostly.

The menu design and system is a total pain in the ass.  I’ve had it for about six months now, and I’m learning how to manage the settings better, but the actual menu selection and buttons are terrible.  But worth it because the camera is gorgeous and produces really lovely files.

Finally I have something that I can keep in my bag, or I can take it with me on a vacation, and not worry about bringing my heavier studio equipment.


I slapped a red shutter release button on it as I hated the shutter button – too small.  This little addition gives me a wider place to plop my finger when shooting.  It’s also easier to find when I’m looking through the viewfinder and my finger doesn’t have to search so hard for the button.  And it gives it just the right amount of flair too :)



Kim • Headshot

POSTED May 6th, 2015 UNDER Friends, Head Shots, Photography

Kim • Headshot

I’ve known Kim for a long time.  She used to be a member of a pottery studio that used to be next door to my studio.  I took portraits of her and her husband and their pet parrot, Meenu.

Kim was looking for something she can use on her website and social media.  I love shooting black & white head shots.  They are so clean.  Elegant.  Plus it gave me a chance to catch up with her since it had been some time since we had chatted.