MOE • Headshots

For as long as I’ve known Maureen, she’s told me to call her Moe.  I love that.  I love her nickname.

Moe took my workshop a long, long time ago.  Sometime back in 2009 or 2008.

Moe.  Taking one of my Portable Portrait workshops.  Here we are lugging drum equipment in a field to photograph a drummer.

All these years have passed, and when Moe decided it was time to take a step forward professionally, she told me I was the only photographer she wanted to call.  Comments like that make me feel all warm and appreciated inside.

So Moe came by the studio a little while ago, and we caught up and we had a ton of laughs, and then we got down to business.

When a session is booked with me, I leave a lot of time for what I call “the Process” to happen.  Head shots, to me, are an organic process.  Not only am I photographing you in a certain way, but I want to make sure that we don’t feel rushed – that we aren’t pressured for time.  I ask clients to leave their schedule open; to not schedule anything after our shoot.  I don’t ever want a client and I to loose the connection we are developing because they are pressed for time, or looking at their watch.  We’ll shoot a bit, and chat, and shoot, and chat.  There will probably be a lot of talking, because I love to talk and share.

Catching up.  Shooting. Chatting. Joking. Laughing. All part of the process. All awesome.

When I emailed Moe her proofs, she emailed me back saying “This photo is a statement of how I see myself moving forward.”

Thank you, Moe.  I am always in your corner.


Softbox Still Life in Orange

While on a location job getting equipment set up, I found this made a very pleasant photo.  A simple still life with a beauty dish and a gorgeous orange wall.


Hippo Best Of 2018 • Selected Images

Each year, The Hippo magazine hires me to handle a majority of the images for their “BEST OF” issue.  This is a quality color glossy magazine that covers all of Southern New Hampshire that features businesses voted and recommended by readers and citizens of the state.  If you love certain businesses and want them to get a little exposure, you can write them in.  The places with the most votes then get collected in this magazine with short articles and information about them.  It’s serves as a great travel guide for visitors to see what the state has to offer.

After the cut, I wanted to share a few of my favorite images I took over the two weeks I was assigned to photograph some of the “Best of the Best” winners.


Carla • Headshot session

I love helping people create new head shots because I never know who I’m going to get to work with.

Like Carla.

Carla contacted me after being recommended by a prior client (Thank you, Kate!).  She was going to toss her hat into the political ring and run for Senate, and she needed a new head shot.


Carla was an absolute joy to work with.  She was so friendly and she had great humor.  She grew up in Africa and she wanted to wear a few things that hark back to her home.

I love her smile and her adorable pixie hair cut and she had she was just so warm and friendly and a joy to be around.  I really liked photographing her and working with her.


I also get a kick when I see an image I created being used for things like billboards:

I had a very bad experience a few years ago with an image I took of someone and that head shot was taken by someone else and used politically in an attack print advertisement without my permission or knowledge.  It’s taken a few years to get comfortable enough when someone approaches me asking about creating an image that will specifically be used for a political reason.   Carla was so energized that she helped me feel comfortable making an image that was going to be used for that purpose.

I would love to photograph her again.





Website Hack/Issues – please pardon the maintenance.

image courtesy of


My websites for Sid Ceaser Photography, Sid Ceaser Fine Art, the Portable Portrait workshop and Sara Ceaser‘s website were hacked a few days ago and damage was done.

Most of is back up, but the other three are currently down as the structure is rebuilt for those sites.

If you were looking for those specific sites, please pardon as attempts are made to get those sites back to working condition as soon as possible.