Interview • New Hampshire Homes


New Hampshire Homes reached out to me for a short interview for their website that is focusing on local businesses in NH towns.
Sid Ceaser Photography Makes Every Client Feel Like an Action Hero.
If you’re interested in New Hampshire Real Estate, check out some of what they have to offer for Manchester, NH Real Estate.

Thanks for doing a little write-up on me, NewHampshireHomes!

Marion • 45 Second Portrait


Marion is a student at New England College who was with a group of other NEC students attending a lecture at the New Hampshire Institute of Art.  I was sitting in the back row of seats when I saw his hat across the room, and instantly wanted to take a portrait of him.  While people were still finding their seats, I ran out to the car and grabbed my camera bag.

After the lecture ended and as people were standing up to leave, I ran over to him.  “Hi, I’m Sid.  I’m a photographer, and I love your hat.  I’m wondering if you’d allow me to take a portrait of  you?”

“Sure!” he said.

I didn’t want to take up much of his time, and I didn’t want to fiddle around with flashes or anything, so I grabbed Marion, brought him out into the hallway outside of the NHIA auditorium and positioned him underneath one of the ceiling lights.  He tilted his head just so that the light from the ceiling touched his nose and mouth.  I had him close his eyes.  I found my exposure, and grabbed about six shots, and then thanked him and let him go.

I love this shot.  So simple.  So elegant.  45 seconds.  Sometimes everything is pretty much already lined up and all you need to do is arrange the elements so they completely fall into place.

Thank you, Marion.

Squares & Squares & Squares

I am obsessed with things that have my name on them.  Especially square things.  Since making this logo I’ve used it as a watermark, I’ve used it as a leather stamp, and I use it for my business cards and as little square stickers.  I plop this little square logo everywhere I can think of.  For some reason it makes me smile.

A new round of business cards and stickers arrived today.  I wanted to share 🙂

A Camera Caught in the Wild

A FujiFilm X100s, caught in the wild, grazing near a lake at Beaver Brook Park, Hollis NH.

Captain Plunger for Yankee Magazine

Captain Plunger • Yankee Magazine Jan/Feb 2017

Last year I got my first assignment from Yankee Magazine.  I got to spend a freezing February morning with Bill Jones’ alter ego Captain Plunger as he prepared for his yearly plunge into the freezing waters of Hampton Beach for the Penguin Plunge put on by the New Hampshire Special Olympics.  Bill has been doing the plunge since it’s inception, and over the last 17 years he continues to be the one individual who raises the most money each year.

Captain Plunger • Yankee Magazine Jan/Feb 2017

More images of Captain Plunger after the cut: