ThreeA Action Figures


Tomorrow Kings

have you guys ever heard of ThreeA toys?  Omigod.  Guys.  GUISE.  I have to share this with you because it’s amazing.

ThreeA is a toy company co-owned by comic book artist Ashley Wood.  He reminds me of artists Dave McKean and Bill Sienkiewicz.  ThreeA takes the characters that Ashley creates and turns them into 1:6 and 1:12 scale toys.  Well, dolls.  No, toys.  Both.

I’d never seen any in person, but I always would look at the Blind Cowboy figure online and think how awesome it must be, and then see a resale price of $300+ and quickly close the browser because that is crazy.

Then, a little while ago, I walked into my local Newbury Comics and on the counter was a box of the smaller, 1:12th scale Adventure Kartel figures.

It was destiny.  I had to have one.  So I picked up “Colde Merde”

Colde Merde • Adventure Kartel

He’s crazy.  He’s six inches and he has all kinds of fabric clothing and guns and holsters all over him and a big puffy winter jacket and zippers that zip and a little cigarette that is almost impossible to find when it falls out of his mouth and causes all kinds of frustration while trying to find it on the floor.

I kept looking at Merde and saying to myself “Man, if the tiny 1:12th scale look this good, what the hell do the 1:6th scale look like?

I kept thinking about that – about these silly toys.  Then I started looking at them on eBay.  One that looked kinda cool came up and a somewhat decent price (who am I lying too?  He was expensive.  But he came with a poster and a t-shirt and a cool box) so I took a chance and bought him.

The 1:12 figures were cool.  But the 1:6th figures are BONKERS.  Like, oh-my-GOD bonkers.

1:6th sale is basically doll size.  They are 12 inches.  One foot of super posable toy, with ball joints and joints everywhere.  Super posable. All the clothes are fabric.  The pockets on the cargo pants open.  The laces on the shoes are string.

And the accessories.  Oh My God, the accessories.  Backpacks and satchels and bags and straps and sheaths and swords and belts.  And the bags all open; they all zipper or snap or clasp.  They hold things.

The figure I got, named “KDA” is part of the “TOMORROW KINGS” line of comics/figures.  As the story with Tomorrow Kings goes, the TK’s are a race of genetically cloned fighters bred to fight giant robots with swords to prevent the robots from taking over the world.  They chop off robot’s heads with swords.  Giant Robots.

Guys, this company makes giant 1:6 scale decapitated robot heads that you can pair them with.


Tomorrow Kings • KDA


KDA is a bodyguard to the leader of the TK’s.  He’s covered in dirt.  He’s got some bandages on his face and arm.  His clothes are stained with dirt.  Everything has been covered with a layer of dust and painted dirt.  It’s amazing.

His shoes come off.  He has feet underneath with toes!  Depending on how you turn KDA’s head, his expression seems to change, even though it’s a molded plastic face.

He’s so awesome.  And he also instantly addicted me to the 1:6th scale.  So much so, I got a second guy.  Another Tomorrow King.

His name is Cornelius.

Tomorrow Kings • Cornelius


He’s got crazy pointy orange hair.  He has a turtleneck that zips up over his mouth and nose and looks like a ninja.  He has pouches out the ass and comes with a messenger bag full of orange hand grenades.  He has three swords.  He has orange cargo capri pants.  He’s absolutely beautiful.

The images above were taken shortly after they both arrived and I simply had to photograph them right away.

I’ve had to stop at two of them.  I was eyeballing a third recently, but I had enough strength to not buy it.  These things could be the end of me.

I can’t wait to get these guys outside and set up some little photo shoots with them.  Rusty, dirty environments for them to roam and explore in.

These things are awesome.

Photograph what you love.

F-Stoppers Mentions “Inspiration” @ DEDPXL

Fstoppers mentions Inspiration video

Big thanks to Fstoppers for mentioning, and liking, my post about inspiration for DEDPXL starring Muppet Sid.

Thanks, guys!

Friends and Long Exposures.

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Light Painting

Every year we go with old friends who have a camp in Pittsburg NH.  It’s way way up north.  It’s 12 miles from Canada.  We spend three or so days laughing, cooking, eating, laughing, exploring, laughing and laughing.

This year I brought my X100 up with me and nothing else.  We had some sparklers.  We had some LED flashlights.  We started to play with long exposures and started incorporating the 4-wheelers we were using into it:

Light Painting


More images from Pittsburg after the cut:


Shoot for Yourself.


I love this shot so much.

When doing assignment photography, don’t forget to shoot for yourself as well. Get what is needed, and take an extra few minutes to get a shot for yourself.

I got to photograph in an operating room at a local hospital, and at the end of the shoot, I had this image in my mind. I plopped him in front of one of their operating lights, and used a second operating light off to the side to light him.

I love this shot.

If I hadn’t of taken the extra few minutes I would never have gotten this. Shoot for yourself just as you shoot for the client. The two should go together. I love this portrait.

Magic, Do As You Will: The Last Unicorn & Peter S. Beagle

Peter S. Beagle

Oh.  My.  God.  This is Author Peter S. Beagle.  He wrote the book “The Last Unicorn”.

In 1982 they made an animated movie of The Last Unicorn.  I was 7 years old, and I remember my mother taking me to see the movie at the Bedford Mall General Cinemas Movie Theater.  It was one of the first movies I saw in a theater.  I remember the Unicorn being chased by the Red Bull.  It was amazing, it blew my little seven year old mind, and it’s been one of my favorite movies ever since.

I’ve owned that movie on VHS, on Laserdisc, on DVD and Blu-ray.  I know every line of dialogue.  Every inflection of every character’s voice when speaking their lines.  The songs by America are burned into my brain.

When the Internet first started, the German import CD for the movie soundtrack was the very first thing I ever imported online from some obscure record store.

I can’t convey to you how much I love this movie.

A few years ago, a remastered 4K digital print of the movie was created, and they started a world tour to show it off.  Accompanying the print on the tour was the original author of the book, Peter S. Beagle.  He wasn’t treated very well the last few decades and a core group was doing what it could to help him get the residual income he rightfully deserved when it came to licensing The Last Unicorn.

I mentioned to Red River Theatre at some point that the tour was happening and that they should try to schedule the event at the theatre.

A year or so passed, and RRT announced that they would be hosting an evening of screenings and signings and autographs and a Q&A by Peter.

My jaw dropped.  I volunteered my services.  Over and over again.  I wanted to be involved.  I insisted.  And RRT was more than happy to let me be part.

Oh.  My.  God.

I had to get a portrait of him.  I had to meet the man.

The evening was going to consist of two screenings of the 4K print in two different theaters.  Peter would come out and do a Q&A, introduce the film, and while the first room was watching the film, he was in the second room doing the Q&A and introducing the film.  After both films ended, Peter set himself up in a separate room with a whole mess of merchandise you could buy, and he graciously was singing autographs.  Even if you didn’t buy anything, he would sign.  If you brought stuff from home, he’d sign it.

I got a little nervous when he first arrived before the event started.  He had been traveling all over the US.  Inside my head I was a nervous mess. “Omigodheishereandwhatifheistiredanddoesn’twanttositforaportraitandwhatamIgoingtodo”.  I had a light all set up, and I didn’t want to take up much of his time.  Just a few quick shots of just him and I’d be good to go.  Maybe shake his hand.  Maybe thank him for what he created and how it set fire to my seven year old brain, and how even now at 40 years old, how much I love his characters.

I grabbed his tour manager and asked him if he’d be up for a quick portrait.  “Oh!  Absolutely!  Let me get him!”

A few minutes later, Peter S. Beagle is standing in front of me with his hand extended out.  I sit him down and grab some portraits and some profile shots.  Someone tells me to get up and stand next to him and someone takes a cell phone shot of us.  When it was done, I turned and I thanked him.  For the Unicorn.  For the Red Bull.  For Molly Grue and King Haggard and all of it.  I’m seven years old and I’m watching it on a movie screen.  I’m 20-something and I’m importing the soundtrack from Germany.  I’m 40 years old and I’m meeting the man who created it all.  It was a small, fleeting moment, but it was amazing.

Sid & Peter


The remainder of the evening was fantastic.  I photographed the people attending.  I photographed him doing his Q&A’s.  I hung around until the event ended, until he signed every single person’s stuff, and it was a little after 1am.  He signed my imported German soundtrack.  He signed my blu-ray of the movie in three different places.  He thanked me for sticking around all night.

No, sir.  Thank you.


The Last Unicorn Screening


The Last Unicorn Screening

The Last Unicorn Screening

The Last Unicorn Screening

The Last Unicorn Screening