MOE • Headshots

For as long as I’ve known Maureen, she’s told me to call her Moe.  I love that.  I love her nickname.

Moe took my workshop a long, long time ago.  Sometime back in 2009 or 2008.

Moe.  Taking one of my Portable Portrait workshops.  Here we are lugging drum equipment in a field to photograph a drummer.

All these years have passed, and when Moe decided it was time to take a step forward professionally, she told me I was the only photographer she wanted to call.  Comments like that make me feel all warm and appreciated inside.

So Moe came by the studio a little while ago, and we caught up and we had a ton of laughs, and then we got down to business.

When a session is booked with me, I leave a lot of time for what I call “the Process” to happen.  Head shots, to me, are an organic process.  Not only am I photographing you in a certain way, but I want to make sure that we don’t feel rushed – that we aren’t pressured for time.  I ask clients to leave their schedule open; to not schedule anything after our shoot.  I don’t ever want a client and I to loose the connection we are developing because they are pressed for time, or looking at their watch.  We’ll shoot a bit, and chat, and shoot, and chat.  There will probably be a lot of talking, because I love to talk and share.

Catching up.  Shooting. Chatting. Joking. Laughing. All part of the process. All awesome.

When I emailed Moe her proofs, she emailed me back saying “This photo is a statement of how I see myself moving forward.”

Thank you, Moe.  I am always in your corner.


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