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Each year, The Hippo magazine hires me to handle a majority of the images for their “BEST OF” issue.  This is a quality color glossy magazine that covers all of Southern New Hampshire that features businesses voted and recommended by readers and citizens of the state.  If you love certain businesses and want them to get a little exposure, you can write them in.  The places with the most votes then get collected in this magazine with short articles and information about them.  It’s serves as a great travel guide for visitors to see what the state has to offer.

After the cut, I wanted to share a few of my favorite images I took over the two weeks I was assigned to photograph some of the “Best of the Best” winners.


Manchester’s Crown Tavern


Fredrick’s Pastries (various locations)


Caesario’s Pizza in Manchester


Amphora in Derry


Dos Amigos Burritos in Concord


Leila Dressel of Nashua does some archery practice in Bear Brook State Park in Allenstown NH


Amphora in Derry


Fredrick’s Pastries


Mine Falls Park in Nashua (located over near my studio!)


It’s always enjoyable learning who I’ll be visiting each year for the Best of the Best winners.  There has been a transition in recent years to focus less on people and more on places, so it’s been exciting doing more “product” photography, which I enjoy doing because it allows me to be creative with food and objects.  I do a lot of work with my toys, and shooting food and shooting toys are very similar.  It allows me to move things around and create pleasing arrangements.

I’m looking forward to next years assignment, and if you are located in the Southern NH area, I encourage you to pick up a copy and browse through it at your leisure.

Bonus: How many times can you find my wife, Sara, in the images 😉


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