Carla • Headshot session

POSTED November 29th, 2018 UNDER Head Shots, News, Photography, Portraits

I love helping people create new head shots because I never know who I’m going to get to work with.

Like Carla.

Carla contacted me after being recommended by a prior client (Thank you, Kate!).  She was going to toss her hat into the political ring and run for Senate, and she needed a new head shot.


Carla was an absolute joy to work with.  She was so friendly and she had great humor.  She grew up in Africa and she wanted to wear a few things that hark back to her home.

I love her smile and her adorable pixie hair cut and she had she was just so warm and friendly and a joy to be around.  I really liked photographing her and working with her.


I also get a kick when I see an image I created being used for things like billboards:

I had a very bad experience a few years ago with an image I took of someone and that head shot was taken by someone else and used politically in an attack print advertisement without my permission or knowledge.  It’s taken a few years to get comfortable enough when someone approaches me asking about creating an image that will specifically be used for a political reason.   Carla was so energized that she helped me feel comfortable making an image that was going to be used for that purpose.

I would love to photograph her again.





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