an elegant weapon of a more civilized age

I recently nabbed my Force FX Lightsabers out of storage and brought them to the studio to house them on the wall.  I’ve always wanted to find a simplistic mounting option that didn’t look big or bulky, and after doing a little internet searching, I found out that Force FX Lightsaber handles fit perfectly in these mounting brackets made for Maglite flashlights.

They just screw right into the wall and after popping the handles in them, you can hardly see them, and it looks like the lightsabers are floating off the wall a few inches.  The above image was taken a few moments after getting all three installed.  How awesome is that!!

If you are a nutjob like me and have to have lightsabers, these are the classiest, simplistic way of displaying them.  So excellent.  Click the small image above to order them through Amazon.


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