Brannock Device

While doing an assignment for The Hippo at a local shoe store, I tripped on one of these foot measure devices and instantly flashed back to a little kid; the store associate bending down and slipping my socked-foot into one of these to get exact measurements on my foot.  It was pretty awesome.  I picked this little guy up and placed him on the seat next to me, and I loved the texture on the seat and the highlights from the lights overhead reflecting on the seat and the device.  It made a nice black & white image, and I think it’s fantastic.

Designed in 1927, The Brannock Device® foot-measuring device is a must in all retail footwear stores. Our device’s measuring accuracy, quality construction, and simple, yet completely functional, design is what has made genuine Brannock measuring devices the standard in the footwear industry.

1927.  Man.  Make it once and make it to last.  Good stuff.


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