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Bands & Musicians and Head Shots.  Those are my two niches.  I think it’s a good balance.  I work hard to make musicians look EPIC. Either in studio or on location, we’ll make images that kick butt. MUSIC TO YOUR EYES.

Every body needs a clean, elegant, awesome head shot.  For your work. For social media.  For awesomeness.

I create images for other purposes too:  High School Senior Yearbook, Engagement, Brides & Grooms, and portraits for Corporate Business, Magazines, Publication and Editorial.  Images that draw you in.  Clean.  Sharp.  Excellent.  I solve visual problems, creatively.  I create visual images that help people and companies look amazing.

I’m a serious goofball who can’t stop laughing.  I’m obsessive with comic books, anime, music, scooters, movies, action figures, video games and other pop-culture.  I proposed to my wife using Muppets that look like us.  Crazy?  Maybe.  Unique?  Absolutely.  I want everything in life to be creative.

Readers of the Hippo nominated me Best Visual Artist for five years in a row.  I’ve been nominated for a NH Business in the Arts award and a New England Art award. Past clients include The Hippo, Yankee Magazine, New Hampshire Magazine, and The Agent Sales Journal. I’ve been published in Popular Photography, and I’ve been featured on websites like Kotaku, Good Morning America, WPPI Online, Petapixel, Huffington Post, Westcott University, Lomography and FStoppers.  Because it’s all about being creative.

I’m a monthly contributor to Zack Arias’s website DEDPXL.com, and I’m on the Board of Directors for Don Giannatti’s Project 52 Photographer community.

Like what you see?  Got an idea for project?  Want to team up like the Avengers and make top quality professional photographs while having some laughs?   Then I’m the one for you. And YOU are the one for me. I would love to bring my eye and style to create dynamic photographs specifically for you.  Give me a buzz.  Shoot me an email.  Let’s talk and have some laughs. Let’s make you look incredible.

Hail Hydra.

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